Thursday, October 9, 2008

Proposed Buckner Ad Campaign

In 2006, I designed this series of ads to tell the Buckner story from different perspectives. I wanted to convey to the reader that Buckner impacts people in many ways through its many and diverse ministries. Some of the ads tell how Buckner impacted mission trip participants. Some tell the story of people helped by the various ministries of Buckner. One even tells the story of how we sheltered a small Katrina victim in her time of need. I liked the idea of people telling the story of how Buckner impacted them because it's stories that move people to action. Plus, this campaign could utilize every area of our ministry - or focus on just one ministry. Each ad also ended with a call-to-action phrase to encourage the reader to get involved.

The campaign was never run in the format shown in the samples (you'll note that the body copy is mostly greeked - the ads never made it to the writing stage), but the next post below shows how the idea and look were eventually run in the form of our Go. Be. Do. ads.

Buckner Go. Be. Do. Ads

The 2 ads below are the eventual culmination of the proposed ads in the post right before this one. 2007 was the dawn of a new era at Buckner with missions being the marketing focus. We chose the look from the above proposed ads, changed the focus to missions - hence the Go. Be. Do. theme and ran these ads in multiple publications such as Christianity Today and WORLD magazine.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Buckner International President's Report

The next 3 posts will be selected spreads from this year's Buckner International President's Report that I designed. The square windows on the first few pages are actually die cut windows - which is why you see some photos more than once - you're actually seeing through to subsequent and previous pages through the die cut windows. This is much more effective when looking at the actual piece. There is also a fold-out map showing Buckner worldwide presence. Hard to show these features online!

There is an online version of this piece here as well

Buckner International President's Report, Continued

Buckner International President's Report, Continued

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Logos Logos Logos!

Below are some logos I have designed over the years. Feel free to ask me about any of them and hire me to design a logo for you!